Cooking Made Easier with a Sharper Kitchen Knife

Most of us have been there, we are in the kitchen preparing dinner and we reach for a knife to cut a tomato, only instead of actually cutting through the tomato, it ends up barely piercing the skin and creating a giant mess. Not only is using a sharper knife a lot more convenient, but it is also a lot safer for the user than trying to cut with a dull knife, as a sharp knife requires less pressure and elevates the chances of the knife slipping and causing injury.  I just went through this bad cooking experience with my dull knives and my top-rated manual sharpener I decided to write this post. Below are easy to follow steps which will drastically improve the sharpness of your kitchen knives and leave you cutting like a culinary genius in no time.

The first step to sharpening kitchen knives is to purchase a best Japanese water stone you can afford (also known as whetstones). A whetstone is fine grain stone which is specifically for sharpening knives.  A whetstone is often regarded as the easiest, and safest, way to sharpen knives. Once you have your whetstone, lay it flat on a cutting board, or other non-slip surface, with the course side facing upwards. From there you will need to firmly grasp the handle of the knife in one hand, while holding the ends of the blade to the surface of the whetstone at an angle. One will then need to apply a medium amount of pressure to the blade and slide if forward, and then across, the whetstone. Slide the knife left to right approximately ten times. Next you will need to flip the whetstone over to the fine side, and repeat the process of sliding the knife left to right at an angle approximately ten times.

For an even sharper knife it is recommended to then proceed to use a honing steel. A honing steel is also referred to as a sharpening steel, or butcher’s rod, and is a cross section of steel which has abrasive ridges to help sharpen knives. For the final steps of sharpening your kitchen knives, simply apply eight to ten strokes per side to the honing steel, being sure to hold the knives blade at an angle. Proceed to rinse the blade off with water and carefully dry it off with a towel.

Regardless of how much money you spent on your knives, knives are not very beneficial if they are not properly sharpened. It is recommended to sharpen your kitchen knives every 60 days, depending upon how often you use them. If you use your knives on a daily basis they may need to be sharpened once a month. If you have a quality knife sharpening system it will not take much time. Remember, a sharp knife is not only easier to use, but also far safer, so be sure to keep your knives sharp at all times and soon you will be dicing and chopping like the professionals!

How-to video of another technique:

Benefits of Archery

Fulfilling my earlier promise:

Archery is the use of a bow and arrow. This usage could be professional as in competitions (you will need a professional compound bow for competitions), or even for hunting. And it could be just for fun. Archery is a cool and adventurous sport that enables you to get your required work out. Even though it may be somewhat a stationary sport, it has tonnes of benefits to the archer

1. Upper Body Strength

When pulling at a bow and holding the arrow in place, one uses the muscles at the arms, chest, shoulders and back. The consequent strength of the muscle will depend on the draw strength of the bow and the amount of time that it has been held in place while practising and competing.

2. Balance

You know how an archer-or just anyone who is keen on archery-has to hold their body still as they aim the arrow, they are gaining balance. This balance becomes greater as one practises more. You find that the more you practise, the better your balance becomes. This also strengthens your core, as the core muscles become balanced with increased practise

3. Co-ordination

The direct use of archery is that your hand eye coordination becomes better. An archer has to look at their target and make sure that their focus is on point. At the same time, they have to keep a steady hand on the bow and arrow, and ensure swift precision in their aim. Archers will most definitely have superb hand eye co-ordination, which will be developed as they practise more and more.

4. Walking

During competitions, and such archery events, the archers are estimated to walk a distance equivalent to eight kilometres. Walking on its own has several benefits-like increased cardiac health, weight loss, toning of muscles among others. Walking distance is even better if you are out hunting or taking a walk to the lake for bowfishing or crossbow fishing.

5. Social Benefits

Excluding some situations, archery is a very social game that requires one to have someone to do it with. This increases the chances of making new friends. It could also be a cool and fun way for friends to hang out. After all, a little competition is healthy for any relationship.

6. Other Benefits

Archery has other more general benefits. For example, it can be played by people of all ages, making it an exciting way for a family to spend time together doing an activity that would be thrilling for all of them. Also, archery is a way of ensuring general physical fitness, as it guarantees one the required exercise. It improves muscle tone, giving one good firm muscles.

Archery is an Olympic sport. If you are interested, you should try it. Join the local archery associations, or look for archery ranges where you can perfect your skills. Who knows? We might see you at the next Olympics.

And you don’t like bows, you can always get most of these same benefits while using a crossbow. There is more information on this topic available online, for example on

Benefits of Jogging (Even with a Baby in a Jogging Stroller)

cheap jogging strollersAs promised, here is the first post on the benefits of my new hobbies. I am writing about jogging first, because a friend of mine mentioned it to me. She just became a mother and was considering buying one of top-rated jogging strollers and starting jogging with her baby (once she is old enough, of course).

Jogging is defined as a slight trot, the kind that would leave you too breathless to sing, yet able to at least talk. It requires minimal work, but has immense benefits.

  1. Physical Health: Jogging is great for all your body parts. All of them…Well, maybe not your appendix. It is, however, good for your heart, as jogging gives you just the right amount of cardio work out that the doctor recommended. Due to the impact that comes about when your feet hit the ground, jogging increases your bone density and significantly reduces your risk of getting osteoporosis. It improves muscle tone, making your muscles more efficient workers.
  2. Weight Loss: While loss of weight may not be immediately evident, jogging goes a long way in helping to reduce the extra fat. When we go jogging, we burn a lot of kilojoules, and use up a lot of energy. This is translated to reduced weight. It is suggested that after about two weeks of three workouts per week, each lasting about thirty minutes, one will start seeing evidence of weight loss. Care to try it?
  3. Mental Health: You have probably noticed that you feel more alert after a good jog. This is because jogging ‘wakes your body up’. The increased metabolism is great for your brain to become alert. Jogging also releases endorphins that make you feel really good. They reduce stress and make you feel calmer. It is also said that one can get the ‘runner’s high’ which is a euphoric feeling that may be brought about by the sense of accomplishment that jogging gives to the jogger. It is also suggested that jogging helps cope with depression.
  4. Social Benefits: Experts recommend that you go jogging with a friend so that you can help each other out. It also helps when you go with someone else so that you don’t get bored on the way. Like any other sporting activity, jogging gives you a sense of togetherness; it creates a bond between people who jog together. If you can’t find a friend to go jogging with, you could try join-or start- a jogger’s club where you live or work. This can be a good way of making new friends, and cementing the already existing ones. If you can’t do any of the above, it’s perfectly okay to jog on your own. It gives you time to think and clear your head. Plus, you can get some quality alone time while at it. It has also been suggested that people who jog regularly have a more positive outlook on life and are said to be happier.
  5. Other Benefits: Jogging has countless benefits. You do not require any money, or a gym subscription to start jogging. All you need are good impact shoes, and appropriate clothing and you are set to go. You can even jog if you have a baby – there is a large number of great jogging strollers available just for this purpose. It has been suggested that jogging helps minimize the risk of getting diabetes, some types of cancer, and even high blood pressure. It helps build up your high density cholesterol (the good type) and prevents you from accumulating the low density cholesterol (the bad type). Jogging also helps improve your sleep.

It is recommended that you talk to your doctor before you start jogging, especially if you are above fifty years, overweight or have any existing conditions.

Healthy Life Style

Recently I realized that I wanted to make some changes to my lifestyle and become more healthy. The best way to get there, I recon, is to find a nice healthy hobby and stick with it. I think that will work better in the long run than forcing myself to sit on a diet or doing exercises that I hate. It is important to stay motivated, be consistent and enjoy the process for long time to get real return. So, that got me thinking, what do I like doing? It actually didn’t take long for me to come up with 2 answers: archery and jogging!

I always loved archery. Even as a little girl I was running around with a bow and arrows made of sticks. Dolls didn’t get me as excited as bows. I guess it might have been the influence of Robin Hood movies and cartoons. So, I decided to get back to my hobby, join a local club and start practicing as much as I could. If you are wondering if archery is actually a good hobby for healthy and fun lifestyle – don’t worry! I am going to write a post on just that. Stay tuned!

Yeah, and since I am in such a giving-promises-mood I promise you, my dear readers, a blog post on the benefits of jogging as well! As a matter of fact, I will get start just now and will post here on this blog within the next few days…please come back and read some more!



First Post – Hello World!

Hi there, first visitors!

I am setting up this blog very late at night. Unfortunately, I do not have the energy to write my first blog. So, I decided to cheat a little and in my first blog just show you guys an amazing video from YouTube :) It is about our mother Earth – enjoy!